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Welcome to my Blog!

I’ll do my best to share photos and updates from Ottawa and around our community in Dartmouth – Cole Harbour.

Apply to the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Program!

ATTENTION small business owners: Want $ to hire a young Canadian this summer? Join thousands of employers across the country, and hire a summer student with the help of money from the Government of [...]

Walking, Skating, and Playing on Lake Banook

What a beautiful day today in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour. For a chilly day, so many were out walking, skating, need to stay inside, get out and enjoy what our community has to offer.....stopped by [...]

More Jobs. A Stronger Economy.

We've worked hard to build a Canada where everyone can thrive! Did you know that together, we've created over 800,000 new jobs across the country, with a significant gain in FT jobs? We know [...]