Minister Duncan Announces $500,000 Contribution to Dartmouth’s Novonix

GREAT news in Dartmouth this morning! It was great to be back at Novonix Battery Testing Services Inc in Dartmouth today. Last year, after learning about Dr. Dahn’s incredible work with Dalhousie University and Tesla Canada, I was introduced to Dr. Chris Burns, the CEO of Novonix. I had an incredible tour and learned about how researchers there are working to [...]

Announcing $1.8 Million in Funding for FANE to help Support and Preserve Acadian Heritage!

Today I had the pleasure of representing the Government of Canada and making a great announcement! I'm so proud that Dartmouth-Cole Harbour includes a vibrant francophonie community. In fact, right across Nova Scotia you'll always find Acadian communities and heritage worth celebrating and worth supporting. I announced funding of over $1.8 million dollars over [...]

Darren Announces a $250,000 Investment in Atlantic Bottle Wash Inc of Dartmouth

Burnside is a truly special place. And as a councillor I had the pleasure of touring companies here and representing the area. The park is filled with innovative, smart businesses worth investing in. Now as the Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour I have the honour of representing and advocating for our riding on a [...]