New Years Eve

New Years Eve. So much to be thankful for....and so much to look forward to. Relaxing with a good book, enjoying the Christmas break. Spending lots of quality time with family and friends, lots of music, old movies, and a gathering for dinner tonight to ring in 2019. Hoping you all have a wonderful [...]

The Reading Room at Centre Block

Rebuilt following the fire, The Reading Room at Centre Block held a large collection of foreign and Canadian newspapers, periodicals and weekly newspapers. Eventually this great room was converted for Committee use. I’ve had the opportunity to attend many Committee meetings in this incredible space. Like every space in Centre Block, The Reading room [...]

The Rotunda (Confederation Hall) of Centre Block

This is the Rotunda (Confederation Hall) of Centre Block. The Rotunda sits in between the House of Commons and the Senate. Around the base of the column (the column is a Christmas tree this time of the year!) is a mariner’s compass. The compass has waves and represents the importance of water to Canada. [...]

Library of Parliament

Walking to the Library of Parliament, through Centre Block. Designed by architect Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones, this is the only remaining part of the original Parliament Building! It was designed with many fireproofing features, including heavy iron doors. In 1916 when the Centre Block burned, the Library of Parliament was saved when the [...]

What are YOUR plans for New Years Eve?

What are YOUR plans for New Years Eve? I can guarantee I’ll be watching TEAM CANADA, with great friends, wearing my 2003 Team Canada jersey...... SHARE your New Years Eve traditions below?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!! A reminder that our Constituency Office will be closed for the holidays December 21st and will reopen on January 3rd.

You Know, People are Pretty Great!

Home for Christmas. You know, people are pretty great! Leaving Ottawa for the airport, I discovered that I forgot my cell phone in the Cab. I get to the Air Canada desk and BAM! No phone. The incredible Air Canada attendant, jumps into action, pulls out her cell phone, passes it to me, I [...]