Nature Challenge Fund to Double the Amount of Nature Protected Across Canada

Canadians are deeply proud of our country's natural beauty. Canada's natural landscapes inspire pride from coast to coast to coast. We need your help to double the amount of nature protected across the country! We're partnering with groups across the country to protect more of our nature.   Find out more about the Nature [...]

Last Standing Committee Meeting on Environment and Sustainable Development of 2018

Busy week here in Ottawa. But this is my last Standing Committee meeting of 2018! I’m at the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. We’re finishing up our study on “Clean Growth and Climate Change in Canada: Forestry, Agriculture and Waste”. We have the Agricultural Institute of Canada, Advanced Biofuels Canada, and First [...]

Pleased to Visit Camp Hill with Minister Seamus O’Regan, MP Bernadette Jordan, MP Andy Fillmore, and MP Darrell Samson Where the Minister of Veterans Affairs Presented Commendations to Andre Desrochers and Alan Sagar

Join me in honouring and thanking these incredible Veterans! Yesterday I stopped by Camp Hill Veterans' Memorial Hospital with Minister Seamus O'Regan, MP Bernadette Jordan, MP Andy Fillmore, and MP Darrell Samson. It was a privilege to be present while Veterans Alan Sagar of Terence Bay, and André Desrochers of Westphal received their Commendations [...]

Canada Plays a Part in Stabilizing Regions

Did you know that Canada plays a part in stabilizing regions? Today’s meeting of the Standing Committee on National Defence was a briefing session on regional geopolitical and military interests in the context of Russian hostility and aggression. We had Ambassadors from the Embassies of Georgia, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. [...]