Apply to Become a Member of the National Advisory Council on Poverty

Apply online by January 29th! We want Canada to be a world leader in poverty eradication. Applications are now being accepted for the National Advisory Council on Poverty, launched as a part of Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy! For more information on the call for applications, visit:…/pove…/national-advisory-council.html

More Jobs. A Stronger Economy.

We've worked hard to build a Canada where everyone can thrive! Did you know that together, we've created over 800,000 new jobs across the country, with a significant gain in FT jobs? We know that there is more to do, but our economy is strong, and unemployment is at a historic low. Our plan [...]

Canada Summer Jobs Funding Applications are Now Open!

Attention Employers! Canada Summer Jobs funding applications are now open! Through the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program, employers can receive funding to hire a young Canadian between the ages of 15 and 30. This program has been a huge success in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, providing numerous jobs for young people here in our community. NEW: [...]

Our Plan is Working

✔️Invest in infrastructure ✔️Invest in the middle class ✔️Cut taxes for small businesses ✔️Invest in skills development ✔️Invest in innovation ✔️Grow the economy Of course, there's more to do! But our plan is working! Small business taxes are now the lowest in the G7. And unemployment is at a historic low. [...]

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is Accepting Applications!

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is accepting applications! This is a unique political paid internship opportunity that gives young people across Canada, great job experience serving in the offices of our Members of Parliament, Ministers, Prime Minister's Office and our Research Bureau. Be a part of the team helping to make a real difference [...]

New Years Eve

New Years Eve. So much to be thankful for....and so much to look forward to. Relaxing with a good book, enjoying the Christmas break. Spending lots of quality time with family and friends, lots of music, old movies, and a gathering for dinner tonight to ring in 2019. Hoping you all have a wonderful [...]

The Reading Room at Centre Block

Rebuilt following the fire, The Reading Room at Centre Block held a large collection of foreign and Canadian newspapers, periodicals and weekly newspapers. Eventually this great room was converted for Committee use. I’ve had the opportunity to attend many Committee meetings in this incredible space. Like every space in Centre Block, The Reading room [...]

The Rotunda (Confederation Hall) of Centre Block

This is the Rotunda (Confederation Hall) of Centre Block. The Rotunda sits in between the House of Commons and the Senate. Around the base of the column (the column is a Christmas tree this time of the year!) is a mariner’s compass. The compass has waves and represents the importance of water to Canada. [...]