Committed to Strengthening Victims’ Rights Within the Military Justice System

We are committed to strengthening victims’ rights within the military justice system.

Today Minister Harjit Sajjan appeared before the Standing Committee on National Defence for our study on Bill C-77. The Minister made it clear that our Government intends on seeing this important Bill through the legislative process, as soon as possible.

Through his testimony, he explained the importance of enshrining a Code of Service Discipline Declaration of Victim’s Rights within the National Defence Act to support the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Bill C-77 gives victims of service offences clear statutory rights to information, protection, participation and restitution within the military justice system.

It also created the role of Victim Liaison Officer, to help guide victims through the military justice system. The Bill creates a ‘military impact statement’ which encourages Canadian Armed Forces Members to describe the impact service crimes have on the wider military community. Bill C-77 will ensure expediency and fairness of the summary trail system to address minor breaches of military discipline.

oct 23