What we’re up to! #Youth4Youth

Youth4youthHey everybody!
It’s been awhile but we’re finally ready to talk about our major project!

We’re hosting a mental health town hall at Dartmouth High School on April 4th! The event will run from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the auditorium! We’ll be focusing on discussing youth mental health and allowing people from the audience to come up and speak about their experiences with mental health. Anyone who doesn’t feel like speaking publicly can also leave a message in our comment box! We’ll also have a room for anyone who becomes overwhelmed so they can sit down and just breathe a bit.

Through the town hall we hope to illustrate the importance of mental health and use the information we receive to improve the community after the town hall!
All are welcome, no matter your age so come join us in a discussion about youth and mental health!

To promote the event and get the word out to other youth, use #Youth4Youth on social media! See you April 4th!
-Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Constituency Youth Council