Thrilled to Announce that the Government will Provide an Investment of $1.1M to the Fédération Acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Great to meet with the Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FANE) to discuss the work they’re doing to support Francophone communities.

IRCC wants to offer French-speaking newcomers an easy French-language gateway to provide settlement services by and for Francophone communities. This would further support Francophone immigration outside Quebec and the vitality of Francophone and Acadian communities across Nova Scotia.

Ainsi, vous me voyez donc ravi de l’investissement de 1,1 million de dollars d’IRCC au sein de la Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FANE) dans le cadre du programme renouvelé de services avant l’arrivée.
And that’s why I’m thrilled to announce that the Government will provide an investment of $1.1M to the Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FANE), as part of the IRCC’s renewed pre-arrival services program.