Maplewave Recieves a $3.5 Million Repayable Contribution Through ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund

I just announced a $3.5 million repayable contribution through ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund to Maplewave!!

Did you know that they employ 75 people here in Dartmouth?

Dartmouth’s Maplewave is a great Nova Scotia success story, 30 years in the making! In the beginning, Russell Brannon started Master Merchant Systems Software to help support this music business. Three decades later, 40 countries later, a direction change, and a name change- Maplewave is an Atlantic Canadian company making a big impression on the world’s stage.

Maplewave products are being used in more than 40 countries. For example, in the Caribbean, when a customer buys a phone, there’s an 85% chance that they’re using Maplewave software to do so!

It’s the hard work and ingenuity of Maplewave’s staff, all 75 of them in Dartmouth, 10 in South Africa and 2 in the UK that has put this company on the map!

Our Government believes in Maplewave and the great work they’re doing. And we’re delighted to support them as they develop a next-generation software suite to help their customers adapt to an ever-changing retail landscape.