Dartmouth’s GeoSpectrum Technologies was Awarded a $3,435,625 Contract to Provide Replacement Parts for the Hydrophone Sonars

Great announcements for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour today! These announcements support our local economy, help protect the Royal Canadian Navy and helps the Canadian Coast Guard effectively manage oil spills!!

Dartmouth’s GeoSpectrum Technologies was awarded a $3,435,625 contract to provide replacement parts for the hydrophone sonars currently being used on the Royal Canadian Navy’s Victoria-class submarines.

Dartmouth’s DSS Marine Co. was awarded with a $3,792,876 contract to provide 11 Boom High-Speed Sweep Systems to the Canadian Coast Guard so they can quickly and effectively contain and remove oil spills.

The Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard keep constant, vigilant watch over our oceans and waterways. Canadians rely on the women and men of the Navy and Coast Guard to keep us safe, defend the economic livelihoods of coastal communities, and assist in the environmental stewardship of Canada’s oceans.

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